Most of the time, starting new design projects based on innovative product concepts is a strategic but complicated process. Individual initiatives and the development of new ideas take place within conflicting contexts combining technical, economical and social aspects. During theses phases actors have to formalize new ideas, to exchange them and to collaborate to promote them. Traditional tools do not support such activities. We propose in this paper a new approach dedicated to the product development process from the early phases to the embodiment design phases. Metamodeling techniques and new tools (ID2 - Innovation Development and Diffusion - and CE - Constraint Explorer -) are proposed in order to support those phases ensuring the collaboration and the interaction between design actors, the knowledge and information management, the development of innovative ideas, and the improvement of embodiment design solutions. More over we propose to link our tools to a PLM environment to improve the sharing and the management of information, documents and design solutions in order to foster collaboration. The main objective of our implementation is to foster innovation during design process by improving sharing and reuse of innovative ideas and allowing the organization to identify rapidly best consensus for design solutions.

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