In this paper, an intuitive interface of synthesized industrial design and engineering analysis of multi-material product is proposed. In a product design cycle, designers not only need to determine the geometry of a design, but also need to verify the design functions. Besides the concerns of function and geometry, other requirements like ergonomics, aesthetics, and types of visible surfaces also need to be considered. All these concerns are considered in this research through an investigation into multi-material product design. Multi-material product manufacturing processes allow designers to select different materials for different portions of objects in order to improve material-function compatibility for the overall object. Based on a haptic shape modeling system, a permutation method for multi-material product design is developed. A volumetric FEM-based function evaluation method is adopted for multi-material product analysis with the assumption of small displacements. The design and analysis are conducted on the same platform which is enhanced with a haptic device that can provide an intuitive correlation between the applied force and incurred displacement. The methodology is presented through a case study: the design of a toothbrush.

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