There are many models of product development processes. The two most common classes of development are market pull (MP) and technology push (TP). TP product development differs from MP in that the development begins with a specified technology rather than a specified customer. Because TP development is generally considered more difficult and challenging, most of the product development research has focused on MP development and many researchers and practitioners favor MP development over TP development. However, successful TP development has been shown to be a source of innovation that cannot be realized through MP development and is still performed by many companies. This paper review lays the necessary foundation for building better TP models by first examining the evolution of TP models, and then reviewing deficiencies that have been attributed to MP models when they are used to accomplish TP product development. This paper also amalgamates the success factors of successfully developed TP products, and then groups them into categories that can be used to further investigate how comprehensive existing and proposed TP models are.

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