A design decomposition model is proposed in which Axiomatic Design matrices (DM) map the Functional Requirements (FRs)-Design Parameters (DPs) relationship, and Design Structure Matrices (DSM) model the system development context. In the proposed model the DM and the DSM co-evolve. This approach is better suited for industries where the new product development process is constrained by the need to utilise existing manufacturing processes, to accommodate limitations of the supply chain and so forth. Traversing between the two types of matrices allows the application in a controlled manner of the system knowledge which surrounds the decision making process and the definition of the system architecture. A case study, conducted as part of our research, has verified the need for such a model. The study demonstrated also the need to understand more clearly the effect of constraints, and their associated project risk. This need is reflected in the development of a prototype software tool, the idea for which is described in this paper.

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