This paper describes the initial results from new research in the area of electrochemical deposition applied to rapid layered manufacturing with heterogeneous materials. Our interest in electrochemical layered manufacturing stems from earlier collaborative projects on heterogeneous modeling and fabrication [1–4]. The current work focuses on employing electrochemical deposition of binder into layers sequentially added to a powder bed as a method for additive fabrication of working parts. We show that electrodeposition provides a feasible approach to (1) eliminating the need for a fugitive binder system, (2) reducing thermal postprocessing operations for three-dimensional printing of working parts, and (3) achieving a room temperature fabrication process minimizing the need for thermal postprocessing thereby eliminating residual thermal stresses and dimensional inaccuracies from thermal expansion/contraction associated with processing at elevated temperatures. We also demonstrate the feasibility of direct, single-step fabrication of fully dense parts.

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