General purpose software for kinematic and dynamic simulation of flexible multi-body systems is serviced widely to practical engineering fields. In this paper general dynamic model of flexible multi-body systems with its application in gun systems is set up vie Kane’s equation. The “0-1” method is presented for calculating partial velocities, partial angular velocities and coefficients matrix of the differential equations of motion. Techniques of automatic modeling for dynamic analysis of flexible multi-body systems of gun systems are introduced in this paper, which include automatic identification of systems configuration, automatic determination of degrees of freedom, automatic derivation of kinematic formulas, automatic application of load, automatic generation and solution of motion equations and so on. Because of automatic modeling, overelaborate procedures are avoided, and model on general purpose is realized, which can be conveniently used in dynamic simulation for launching process of gun systems and validly applied to design of them. Finally, a numerical example is given to demonstrate the feasibility of general algorithms proposed.

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