The main objective of this paper is to develop a recursive method for the dynamic analysis of open-loop flexible multibody systems. The nonlinear generalized Newton-Euler equations are used for flexible bodies that undergo large translational and rotational displacements. These equations are formulated in terms of a set of time invariant scalars, vectors and matrices that depend on the spatial coordinates as well as the assumed displacement fields, and these time invariant quantities represent the dynamic coupling between the rigid body motion and elastic deformation. The method to solve for the equations of motion for open-loop systems consisting of interconnected rigid and flexible bodies is presented in this investigation. This method applies recursive method with the generalized Newton-Euler method for flexible bodies to obtain a large, loosely coupled system equations of motion. The solution techniques used to solve for the system equations of motion can be more efficiently implemented in the vector or digital computer systems. The algorithms presented in this investigation are illustrated by using cylindrical joints that can be easily extended to revolute, slider and rigid joints. The basic recursive formulations developed in this paper are demonstrated by two numerical examples.

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