Stability and non-linear dynamics in a complex aircraft brake model are investigated. The non-linear contact between the rotors ands the stators, and mechanisms between components of the brake system are considered. The stability analysis is performed by determining the eigenvalues of the jacobian matrix of the linearized system at the equilibrium point. Parametric studies with linear stability theory is conducted in order to determine the effect of system parameters on stability. In order to obtain time-history responses, the complete set of nonlinear dynamic equations may be integrated numerically. But this procedure is both time consuming and costly to perform when parametric design studies are needed. So it is necessary to use nonlinear analysis : the center manifold approach and the rational approximants are used to obtain the limit cycle of the non-linear system and to study the behaviour of the system in the unstable region. Results from these nonlinear methods are compared with results obtained by integrating the full original system. These non-linear methods appear very interesting in regard to computational time and also necessitate very few computer resources.

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