This paper presents fuzzy logic based velocity feedback control for active vibration control of beams. The controller is first developed for a single degree of freedom spring mass system. Rule base consisting of three simple rules based on velocity is used. It is found theoretically as well as experimentally, that for the same settling time maximum applied force required by fuzzy logic controller is much less than that required by direct negative velocity feedback control. The fuzzy controller so developed is then applied for active vibration control of beams. The controller is implemented experimentally on a test beam and the results are found satisfactory. The test system consists of a cantilevered beam with piezoelectric sensor and actuator patches mounted in collocated fashion. The fuzzy logic controller is based on modal velocity of the beam. Modal velocity of the beam acts as an input to the fuzzy controller and actuation force is output from the inference engine. The issues related to design of fuzzy logic controller based on velocity are discussed.

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