The basic problem of order reduction of linear and nonlinear systems with time periodic coefficients is considered. First, the equations of motion are transformed using the Lyapunov-Floquet transformation such that the linear parts of new set of equations are time invariant. At this stage, the linear order reduction technique can be applied in a straightforward manner. A nonlinear order reduction methodology is also suggested through a generalization of the invariant manifold technique via Time Periodic Center Manifold Theory. A ‘reducibility condition’ is derived to provide conditions under which a nonlinear order reduction is possible. Unlike perturbation or averaging type approaches, the parametric excitation term is not assumed to be small. An example consisting of two parametrically excited coupled pendulums is given to show applications to real problems. Order reduction possibilities and results for various cases including ‘parametric’, ‘internal’, ‘true internal’ and ‘combination’ resonances are discussed.

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