The jumping characteristics at the driven pulley of L type synchronous belt drives are experimentally and analytically discussed. The number of the driving and the driven pulley teeth is the same and the wrapping angle of the belt on both pulleys is π radian. In this paper, the meshing state of belts on both of the driving and driven pulleys just before jumping is analyzed using the Finite Element analysis. Standardized L type synchronous belts and pulleys are used for analysis and experiments of the meshing states between belt and pulley, load distribution stress analysis and jumping torque. A 337L075 trapezoidal tooth profile synchronous belt and a 36L075 synchronous pulley are used in the analysis and the experiments. The wrapping angle of belt on both the driving and the driven pulley is equal to π radian. “ABAQUS/Standard” is used for the simulation and analysis of the belt. The simulation of the FE analysis of the wrapping angle of the belt on the driven pulley is almost the same with the experimental result. FE analysis of the load distribution just before jumping on the driven pulley agrees well with the experimental results.

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