In the past, weight and bulk of high torque gear transmissions were determined by the emphasis on lifetime durability, manufacturability, and manufacturing cost obtainable within the stress limits of classical materials when applying the rules of classical kinematics. In contrast, the Advanced XYZ Transmission (A-XYZ™) uses neither conventional materials nor classical kinematics. Instead, for the purpose of achieving load distribution over many rolling contact “teeth”, the A-XYZ transmission conveys the required torque and speed (power) via a three-dimensional path of motion which combines simultaneous vertical rotation and precessional horizontal motion of the machine elements to achieve a dynamically balanced, reversible, coaxial input/output operation. With this intellectually challenging geometric construct plus the use of new materials, the present and future goals of obtaining lightweight gearboxes, mechanical compactness, compatibility with high-speed prime movers, such as micro-turbines and small, high rpm electric motors, have been achieved. Of course, low weight and high efficiency means more mileage per liter of fuel or KWh of energy available. The low acoustic noise (no clicking teeth) represents a high quality trademark, which all competent mechanical engineers will appreciate.

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