The present paper describes a stress analysis of a face gear tooth subject to a distributed load. The distributed load was determined from an initial mismatch between meshing tooth flanks through geometrical analysis. A new global local finite element method was used for the analysis. In the global local finite element method, an analytical domain is divided into two parts; a global domain in which fields are defined by an analytical solution derived from a classical elastic theory, and a local domain in which fields defined by a finite element solution. Furthermore, tooth flank film elements, which enable boundary conditions on tooth flanks to be easily represented, are taken as the global domain. The calculations were performed for face gear pairs with various misalignments. Crowning modifications along lead were given to pinions, and the effect of the modifications on tooth stress distribution in a face gear tooth was discussed. As a result, both contact and bending stresses were not so large. When there are some misalignments, only contact stress increased. However, the crowning on a pinion tooth was effective for the reduction of the contact stress. Furthermore, face gear with linear profiles; i.e., approximated profiles, were also discussed. Then, it was confirmed that this profile is good approximation.

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