A math model of the re-sharpening operation of shaving cutter by grinding disk, and the plunge shaving process for spur and helical gears has been developed. It has been achieved by three steps: a parametric representation of grinding disk surface, the derivation of shaving cutter surface as a function of grinding disk surface and re-sharpening motion parameters, and the derivation of the finished gear surface as a function of cutter surface and synchronized plunge shaving motion parameters. The study is complemented with a methodology of determining the bearing contact as a set of instantaneous contact ellipses and the transmission function for the finished gear drive by plunge shaving. It simulates meshing and contact of two mating gear tooth surfaces in point contact. The described methods will give manufacturers better insight on the interrelationship between the shaving cutter and the plunge-shaved gear tooth topologies, and a tool to enhance existing design and manufacturing practices.

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