The Gear shaping process, like all gear manufacturing processes, has been enhanced by the application of CNC Technology. In the case of the gear shaping process the “partial” application of CNC Technology first occurred in 1982. While virtually all gear cutting and grinding machines have had their axes of motions converted to CNC, the development of a CNC electronic helical guide for the gear shaping process was delayed for technological reasons. The following questions will be discussed and answered: • Why is a helical guide necessary in the gear shaping process? • What had delayed CNC technology from being applied to the helical guide principle in the gear shaping process? • How has the addition of the electronic guide CNC Technology impacted the gear shaping process? • Have lead quality and productivity rates been aversely affected by the addition of the electronic guide feature? • How might this increase in flexibility, by using an electronic guide in the shaping process, be applied to real life applications?

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