This study presents a new nonlinear dynamic model for a gear-shaft-disk-bearing system. A nonlinear dynamic model of a spur gear pair is coupled with linear finite element models of shafts carrying them, and with discrete models of bearings and disks. The nonlinear elasticity term resulting from backlash is expressed by a describing function, and a method developed in previous studies to determine the harmonic responses of nonlinear multi degree of freedom systems is employed for the solution. The code developed, Nonlinear Geared Rotor Dynamics (NLGRD), combines the versatility of modeling a shaft-bearing-disk system that can have any configuration, with the accuracy of an advanced nonlinear gear mesh interface model. Thus any single stage gear mesh configuration can be modeled easily and accurately. NLGRD is capable of calculating dynamic gear loads, dynamic bearing forces, bearing displacements and making modal analysis of the corresponding linear system. Theoretical results obtained by NLGRD are compared with the experimental data available in literature.

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