Engineers traditionally have designed and produced products which had positive effect on the life of people. In particular physically or mentally challenged individuals who may not be able to perform, have long been helped by engineers to perform everyday tasks. ARC (Associations for retarded citizen) Fresno employs People who are mentally & physically challenged. The objective of ARC Fresno is to help these individuals’ stands on their feet. However, they must produce enough products that the company can keep them as an employee. The objective of this paper is to describe the design of a device which has been made to enhance the productivity of physically/mentally challenged individuals. The main task in this particular case is assembly of various types of drip irrigation parts that consist of sprinkler head and a hose that attaches to the sprinkler head which may be easy and safe to operate by said individuals. The task is somewhat difficult to do for a nonhandicapped person, especially when done eight hours a day. But for a handicapped individual person the same task becomes very difficult, and for some impossible. This paper describes the process that was undertaken in the design, development and building stages of the project. The goal of our project was to develop a mechanism that will assist a physically challenged person in the task described. The only criteria for the designs were to make the mechanism easy to duplicate and the cost of entire system should be low.

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