ppXML is an information infrastructure that enables and facilitates meaningful information and knowledge management within and interoperability between web services (applications) for Platform Product Development (PPD) — a formidable approach to agile product development (APD) for mass customization (MC). There are four folds of meanings in ppXML. Firstly, ppXML represents a set of constructs that are consistent with concepts and methods of Platform Product Development for Mass Customization. Secondly, derived from XML (eXtensible Markup Language) as a sublanguage, ppXML is a standard and yet extensible modeling language dedicated to the modelling of products and product platforms for PPD web services. Thirdly, ppXML serves as a product platform repository and a PPD web service registry, together with a set of online facilities for data representation and transformation between different components and parties involved in the web services. Finally, ppXML is a proof-of-theconcept online PPD portal, incorporating some essential web-based Decision Support Systems (DSS) for product platform development and product platform customization. This paper presents an overview of ppXML together with its background and underlying philosophy.

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