In engineering activities various types of problems have to be solved. Most of these problems are routine problems and some are complicated problems for which it is difficult to formalize all the problem-solving processes. We propose a knowledge management system for supporting these problem solving processes. One example is using information applicable to new and complicated problems that has resulted from solving similar problems in the past. In addition, in such complicated problem solving processes, most of the decomposed sub-problems can be handled as routine problems. In this paper, we propose use of formalized knowledge and document information that represents the history of problem-solving processes to support the solution of both types of problem. For that purpose, we propose the Documentation Management system for Problem Solving (DMaPS), which supports a user solving a problem by document processing. In this support process, the system retrieves related documents for the user’s problems using formalized knowledge and information retrieval techniques. After retrieving related documents, the user modifies them to fit their problem. The modified information is associated with the formalized knowledge and is stored as documents for future reuse.

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