PennSyn 2.0 is intended as a user-friendly synthesis tool for planar, single-piece compliant mechanisms. This is one of the two synthesis software programs currently available for compliant mechanisms. As an enhancement to its previous version PennSyn, which was developed using Matlab™ with a graphical user interface, the new version includes more design formulations and solution procedures with additional design parameterizations: (i) The multi-criteria formulation in the previous version is generalized, and failure-criteria are included as a new design strategy. (ii) Three more solution procedures, namely, the method of moving asymptotes, genetic algorithms, and simulated annealing are added to complement the existing optimality criteria and sequential quadratic programming schemes. (iii) The existing super ground structure domain approximation with frame elements is now supplemented with plane stress/strain element-based discretization to generate continuum topologies. These capabilities provide enough flexibility to a designer in choosing the design parameterization, solution formulation and a strategy to obtain the best possible, practical design of a compliant mechanism for a task at hand specified in terms of forces and desired displacements. Many illustrative examples and educational use of the software are also described in the paper.

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