The basic tool of dimensional synthesis for spatial mechanisms is the spatial dyads and vector approach, but their processes are quite complicated and far from straightforward. Even when some mechanisms can be synthesized, the synthesis results cannot ensure that the synthesized mechanism has good kinematic characteristics and no interference between the links. A novel computer simulation approach of unified dimensional synthesis, interference check and analysis of the spatial mechanism is presented. Based on the geometry constraint and dimension-driving technique, using RSSR-SC five-bar spatial linkage, a simulation mechanism of path and motion generation is created for 8-approximate-point cases. By using an animation function, the interference between links is checked in a virtual reality, and some key dimensions of the simulation mechanism are modified to obtain better kinematic characteristics and non-interference. The results of computer simulation prove that the mechanism simulation approach is not only fairly quick and straightforward, but also advantageous from the viewpoint of accuracy and repeatability.

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