The Two-Position Micro Latching Mechanism (MLM) requiring a Single Actuator is presented in this paper. In contrast to the two positions of a bistable mechanism resulting from potential energy curves, the MLM remains in its second position as a result of mechanical interference between a slider and flexible beams. For the MLM, restoration energy and forces are supplied from an external source, either the actuator, an active load, or both. The MLM has two positions — locked and unlocked. The unlocked position is the manufactured position, where no loads are present. Once the mechanism is locked, it is held by mechanical interference in a second position and can resist forces opposite the input direction. Testing showed that the MLM functions as intended and demonstrated that the MLM is capable of being actuated on-chip with a single actuator. The unique characteristics of the MLM suggest that it has a potential for use in numerous MEMS applications where two positions are required.

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