An Artificial Immune System (AIS in short) based Isomorphism Identification method for Mechanism Kinematic Chains (IMKC) is proposed in this paper. The problem of IMKC has puzzled the scholars in the field of mechanical design for a long time, however, most researchers have omitted one important fact that this problem can be viewed as a Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) and solved with relevant approaches. AIS is a newly developed bionic paradigm of information processing and problem solving, with powerful ability in recognition, memory and feature extraction. Temporally, AIS has been employed in solving many combinatorial optimization problems like TSP. In view of the existing problems of IMKC, we introduce the definition of Structural Code and convert the problem of computation on IMKC to a similar TSP. Then an AIS based algorithm is utilized to solve the problem and the result shows AIS is a powerful tool in solving IMKC problem and the numerical experiment shows that the AIS based method is better than the one used GA and both of the two methods are highly efficient in solving IMKC problems.

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