Pneumatic devices are typically used as actuators in the engineering. Because of the compressibility and less stop position, they were considered hard to control in a precise motion control system. The servo-pneumatic positioning systems change people’s concept. Engineers find that with the help of new pneumatic servo control technology, it is just as easy of using electro-servo system as to use servo-pneumatic positioning controller. The SPC-200 Axis Controller being wildly used is a good example. This article discusses the Web-based calligraphy manipulator control. Authors had built an experimental calligraphy robot in the Lab. It could mimic human calligraphy. In this test robot system, it contained Web-based control ability. User could move robot manipulator through Web page. The critical issue of Web-based control is the requirement of a language environment, which characterize script. This experimental system ran under Ch language environment. The details of system building and executing are described in this paper. It concluded that pneumatic devices could be used as accurate position control and could be possible to control through Web.

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