This study presents development of a Web-based Finite Element Method (FEM) module, which creates model-virtual experimentations (MVE) for double web angle, top and seat angle, flush end-plate, and extended end-plate connections. The MVE mimics the real test set-up for monotonic and cyclic types of experiments in a Web-based virtual environment to be used for conducting virtual experiments to obtain load-deformation characteristics of the aforementioned connections being developed by the authors. The MVE’s library contains three dimensional isoparametric elements with and without internal nodes to eliminate shear errors. The MVE module and its output will contain graphical and visualization capability, and it will be accessible to researchers and students on the web. The Web-based client applications are developed such that it will access the MVE program running on a centralized server. The user is capable of changing parameters of visualization such as connection’s geometric variables or test beam and columns dimensions for real time recreation of MVE.

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