With the development of the advanced technology, the combustion temperature is raised for increased efficiencies. At the same time, the turbine and compressor pressure ratio and the mass flow rate rise; thus causing turbine and compressor blades turning and blade lengths increase. Moreover, the high efficiency requirements had made the turbine and compressor blade design difficult. A turbine airfoil has been custom designed for many years, but an optimization for the section design in a three-dimensional consideration is still a challenge. For a compressor blade design, standard section cannot meet the modern compressor requirements. Modern compressor design has not only needs a custom designed section according to flow situation, but also needs three-dimensional optimizations. Therefore, a good blade design process is critical to the turbines and compressors. A blade design of the turbomachines is one of the important steps for a good turbomachine design. A blade design process not only directly influences the overall machine efficiency but also dramatically impact the design time and cost. In this study, a blade design and optimization procedure was proposed for both turbine and compressor blade design. A compressor blade design was used as a test case. It was shown that the current design process had more advantages than conventional design methodology.

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