RedesignIT is a computer program that uses model-based reasoning to generate and evaluate proposals of redesign plans for engineered devices. These proposals describe how the design parameters could be changed to achieve a specified performance goal. Equally important, the program proposes complementary modifications that may be necessary to counteract the undesirable side effects of the primary changes. RedesignIT is intended for use during the first stages of a redesign project, when engineers need to make a quick, yet accurate assessment of the overall effects of a particular design change. The program uses qualitative device models, which allow it to compute redesign plans efficiently. With its ability to predict the collateral, and probably undesirable, effects of a design change, the program is well suited to aid product designers in deciding on the feasibility of introducing design changes to a product. RedesignIT employs methods of artificial intelligence, especially qualitative reasoning, causal reasoning, and heuristic search.

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