This paper will present the development of two spatial compliant manipulators suitable for fabrication at a miniature or micro level and positioning on a micro or nano scale. These compliant manipulators are based on a parallel architecture that provides rotational motion about two axes and translations in one to three directions. These compliant devices form the first in a class of such compliant manipulators that combine the characteristics of parallel manipulators with the low cost, small-scale capabilities resulting from a compliant structure design. These manipulators will be developed as lumped-compliance devices, having architectures with relatively rigid links and compliant joints designed to render nearly equivalent kinematic motion. Appropriate kinematic models are developed for design and control. The work is then demonstrated through development of a 3 degree-of-freedom miniature compliant manipulator (MCM) and a five degree-of-freedom (dof) compliant manipulator for micro-pointing applications.

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