Nozzles, rocket fairings and many engineering structures/components are often made of conical shells. This report focuses on the finite element modeling, analysis, and control of conical shells laminated with distributed actuators. Electromechanical constitutive equations and governing equations of a generic piezo(electric)elastic continuum are defined first, followed by strain-displacement relations and electric field-potential relations of laminated shell composites. Finite element formulation of a piezoelastic shell element with non-constant Lamé parameters is briefly reviewed; element and system matrix equations of the piezoelastic shell sensor/actuator/structure laminate are derived. The system equation reveals the coupling of mechanical and electric fields, in which the electric force vector is often used in distributed control of shells. Finite element eigenvalue solutions of conical shells are compared with published numerical results first. Distributed control of the conical shell laminated with piezoelectric shell actuators is investigated and control effects of three actuator configurations are evaluated.

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