In this paper we introduce the MATLAB-based SDAMP (pronounced stamp) software for the analysis and synthesis of several mechanical press linkages. These linkages include the slider-crank and the four six-bar mechanisms formed by attaching a drag-link, crank-rocker, crank-shaper or Whitworth mechanism to a slider-crank. SDAMP performs four basic tasks: guided layout, kinematic analysis, mechanism refine and kinematic synthesis. Guided layout leads the user through joint selection to ensure a functioning mechanism. Kinematic analysis displays the position, velocity, acceleration and jerk of the sliding output versus the rotation of the input link. Mechanism refine allows the user to vary the geometry of an existing mechanism towards the goal of achieving a desired kinematic analysis. Lastly, kinematic synthesis determines the set of defect-free slider-cranks capable of achieving four precision points. All of these capabilities are integrated through a host of GUI driven MATLAB files in SDAMP.

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