Actuator rotation sometimes is required to transmit considerable torques at low speeds in a limited angular range. Such operating conditions are typical, for example, for the rotational drives of gas pipeline stop valves. These conditions are made worse by increased torques requried at the initial instant of motion when the torque is 1.3 to 1.5 times greater than the nominal torque, and by the range of operating temperatures of −60°C to +50°C.

A number of gearboxes with a spiroid gear mesh were developed to satisfy these conditions for different torques (i.e. for different standard stop valves), with the steel spiroid pair case-hardened to 60–62 hardness Rc. A set of numerical studies had been conducted in order to choose gear design parameters and other elements of the gearbox. Experimental research performed using special testing rigs for definite operating modes showed high reliability and wear resistance of the drives developed and their high durability compared to known ones which is of great importance for given application domain.

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