In the present paper, an approach based on fuzzy logic is presented concerning a fuzzy decision support system for faults’ handling in train driving. A short introduction is given first that contains the problem’s description and its major aspects. A literature review follows that refers to the last advances in the field of man–machine interface, fuzzy logic applications and fault handling procedures in train driving. The paper emphasizes also on the important role of fuzzy logic in capturing, expressing and exploiting the existing experience on faults’ manipulation during train operation.

Furthermore, a theoretical approach is proposed for the development of a fuzzy decision support system that advises the train operator on faults’ handling during its operation. Except of the advice that could offer, it is expected that — after its development — the system will be able to continuously check on-line the operator’s actions and operations in order to conclude, in a fuzzy manner, about both their correctness and efficiency and to suggest further actions and operations to be undertaken.

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