Shape modeling plays a vital role in the design process but often it is the most tedious task in the whole design cycle. In recent years the Computer Aided Design (CAD) industry has evolved through a number of advances and developments in design methodology. However, modeling in these CAD systems requires expertise and in-depth understanding of the modeling process, user interface and the CAD system itself, resulting in increased design cycle time. To overcome these problems a new methodology and a system called “Detailed Virtual Design System” (DVDS) has been developed for detailed shape modeling in a multi-modal, multi-sensory Virtual Environment (VE). This system provides an intuitive and natural way of designing using hand motions, gestures and voice commands. Due to the lack of effective collaborative design, visualization and analysis tools, designers spend a considerable amount of time and effort in the group discussion during design process. To enable multiple designers to effectively and efficiently collaborate in a design environment, framework of a collaborative virtual environment, called “Virtual Environment to Virtual Environment” (V2V), has been discussed. This framework allows same site and remote site multi-modal, multi-sensory immersive interface between designers.

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