A system named Tool Trial System (TTS), which is capable of collating and disseminating information relating to tool trials amongst a variety of user groups, has been developed. In the context of tooling engineers TTS has provided a platform from which it is possible to submit and retrieve highly specific technical tooling data on the World Wide Web. TTS has been developed under a distributed philosophy and it can be downloaded by remote users in the form of Java applets, through any computer with Internet connection and using conventional Java enabled browsers without the requirements of using middle tiers software or hardware between clients and server sides. TTS uses a 100% pure Java driver for remote database access and it was developed using PowerJ, which is a graphical programming tool able to speed up the creation of Java projects. This work demonstrated not only the suitability of the Internet as a distributed computing resource, but more importantly it was possible to look at the ways in which approved data could be analyzed and then applied to cutting data selection within the Process Planning arena.

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