The most time taking processes in a dynamic analysis of multibody vehicle models are generation and LU-decomposition of various matrices. This research proposes a vector oriented implementation algorithm for explicit numerical integration methods so that relatively low cost computers can be used for the realtime simulation of the multibody vehicle dynamics models consisting of many bodies and joints, a powertrain model, antiroll bars, and tires. Newton chord method is employed to solve the equations of motion and constraints. The equations of motion and constraints are formulated such that the Jacobian matrix for Newton chord method is needed to be generated and LU-decomposed only once for a dynamic analysis. As a result, only computations which need to be carried out in runtime are residual vectors of the governing equations. Convergence analysis of Newton chord method with the proposed Jacobian generation method is carried out. The proposed algorithm yielded close solutions to exact solutions for a prototype vehicle multibody model in realtime on a 400 Mhz PC compatible.

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