In this paper the dynamic response of a simply supported traveling beam, subjected to a pointwise transversal load, is investigated. The motion is described by means of a high dimensional system of ordinary differential equations with linear gyroscopic part and cubic nonlinearities obtained through the Galerkin method. The system is studied in the super-critical speed range with emphasis on the stability and the global dynamics that exhibits special features after the first bifurcation. A sample case of a physical beam is developed and numerical results are presented concerning bifurcation analysis and stability, and direct simulations of global postcritical dynamics. In the supercritical speed range a regular motion around a bifurcated equilibrium position becomes chaotic for particular values of frequency and force. The bifurcation diagram for varying force intensity is shown, it can be noticed that a chaotic motion occurs in a wide range of the forcing parameter, co-existing with a 3T periodic solution in a limited window.

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