In the modern industrial scenario, the technological assets of new working methods and machinery in factory plants grow rapidly. Nevertheless, a reverse situation occurs in terms of availability of trained personnel within the subject area. Moreover, even the most experienced technician is faced with a continual need to update his/her skills. In respect to the training activities, more realism and a greater effectiveness could be achieved if the trainee could learn a new technology directly in the real working place. In this paper, considerations are presented for the use of an innovative hardware and Augmented Reality as platform components for the learning material to this training scenario. Both components are described with emphasis on their suitability to the target activity. The proposed platform encompasses a body-worn and wireless-networked computer, and software with specific features to assist the computer user in his/her task by enriching the content of the application environment. The software component, which addresses the application goals and required adaptations to the platform, is presented.

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