This paper will present an approach that takes the concept of vertical partnering first demonstrated under an AF ManTech pathfinder program and provides a plan for its commercial implementation. The vertical partnering concept provides small and medium-sized Enterprises (SME) secure access to Raytheon’s CAD / CAM software and engineering databases. The system is being extended from an X-based client / server technology to a World Wide Web (WWW) based system. This project establishes the first team of seven Raytheon suppliers using this system for actual product delivery. The Scranton Electronic Commerce Resource Center will provide the guidance and support necessary to make this approach available to all interested contractor / SME partnerships throughout the United States. It is anticipated that benefits will come from drastically reducing the time to move data from the procurement agencies to the subcontractors and from reducing the time it takes for the subcontractor to be able to assemble and comprehend data packages.

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