Presently used balancing methods for multicylinder engines and pumps are for partial balancing. As a result the complete shaking force, shaking torque, and shaking moment balancings of engines require the use of harmonic force and harmonic torque and moment balancers. This article presents a new method for complete shaking force and shaking moment balancing of multicylinder engines that requires no harmonic balancers. This is achieved by keeping the total center of mass of each slider crank loop stationary, where the design equations are developed using a linearly independent mass vector method. Balancing the shaking force also balances the shaking moment. Shaking torque is balanced by eliminating the angular momentum of each mechanism loop and by arranging the phase angles of the crank throws. Four-, six-, and eight-cylinder engines are balanced in the numerical examples given. Two methods of completely balancing single-cylinder engines are also given.

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