In this paper, an analytical study of the dynamic characteristics of geared rotor-bearing systems by the transfer matrix method is presented. Rotating shafts are modeled as Timoshenko beam with shear deformation and gyroscopic effects taken into account. The gear mesh is modeled as a pair of rigid disks connected by a spring-damper set and a transmission-error exciter. The transfer matrix of a gear mesh is developed. The coupling motions of the lateral and torsional vibration are studied. In free vibration analysis of geared rotor systems, natural frequencies and corresponding mode shapes, and the whirl frequencies under different spin speeds are determined. Effects of bearing stiffness, isotropic and orthotropic bearings, pressure angle of the gear mesh are studied. In steady-state vibration analysis, responses due to the excitation of mass unbalance and the transmission error are studied. Parametric characteristics of geared rotor systems are discussed.

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