A new technology, called Stress Coupling Activated Damping (SCAD©), was applied successfully to a lathe boring bar. It reduced high frequency vibrations by up to 20 db. It can be applied to a wide range of structural designs. The geometries of the damped structures are not limited to thin plates but can be applied to tubes, I-beams, and complex structures. This allows SCAD© technology to be applied to several industry design problems, including the metrology, medical, aerospace, automotive and machine tool industries. SCAD© will also allow boring bars to: 1) be optimized for stiffness, frequency and loss factor, 2) be ‘tuned’ to a specific resonant frequency, 3) have improved damping regardless of boring bar diameter, 4) lengthen the usable tool length without a significant increase in cost, and 5) decrease cutting surface vibration induced pattern.

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