The subject of this paper is the modeling and simulation of a flexible-link planar parallel manipulator in Cartesian space. Given a desired end-effector motion, the inverse kinematics and inverse dynamics of a rigid-link model of the parallel manipulator is used to obtain actuated joint torques. The actual end-effector motion and vibration of the flexible links are obtained using simulation (direct dynamics) for the flexible-link manipulator. Finite elements are used to model the flexible links, while the Euler-Lagrange formulation is used to derive the equations of motion of the uncoupled links. The equations of motion of all the links are assembled to obtain the governing equations for the entire system. The methodology of the natural orthogonal complement, which has been previously applied to flexible-link systems with open-chain structures, is used here to eliminate the constraint forces. Finally, geometric nonlinearities in elastic deformations, which are very important in high-speed operations, are also considered.

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