A real time intelligent robotic tracking system is developed which will allow a robot to respond to changes in its work environment with the aid of real time sensory input provided by a computer vision system. The task used to test this system is the tracking and intercepting of a randomly moving hovercraft by a planar manipulator. To accomplish the desired task, a strategy is developed that consists of three modules. The vision tracking module tracks the hovercraft’s motion across the manipulator platform. The intercept planning module then determines a suitable intercept location for the manipulator. Once this location is found, the trajectory generator/modifier module is given the proper trajectory parameters, based on a previously developed strategy, to generate a kinematically safe trajectory that will move the manipulator to the desired intercept location within the required amount of time. As the manipulator moves toward the intercept location, this trajectory is continually modified to account for deviations in the path of the hovercraft.

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