In the synthesis of watt I six bar linkage, for finitely separated design positions, or in higher order design, constraint equations become highly nonlinear and transcendental. This paper presents a method to decouple the synthesis problem to the synthesis of two path generator 4-bar linkages. Based on this decoupled system, an explicit design methodology is developed, enabling a three, four, five or six body guidance position Watt I linkage to be designed while the designer has choice of some body pivots and ground pivots. Numerical procedures for higher number of positions are also discussed. The methodology allows the designer to obtain an entire set of solutions to a particular design problem. As a spin off from this work, a methodology is also presented to obtain complete solution sets of four bar path generators capable of passing through up to seven precision points, with a procedure that can be eventually extended to eight and nine path points. Design considerations such as branching and transmission angles are also considered.

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