In order to reach the inside surfaces of some workpieces, a prototype for milling extension is developed. The milling extension has a low static stiffness and is prone to machine tool chatter, therefore vibration control in this type of machining is of importance. The paper proposes the application of an active dynamic absorber to the milling process. A finite element model for the milling extension with consideration of the cutting dynamics is developed. An annular ring serving as the dynamic absorber mass is connected to the main system through active force generating systems which are piezoelectric translators functioning as actuators. The annular ring and the actuators are functioning as an active dynamic absorber in the theory to suppress the vibration of the milling system. Optimal control algorithms are used to calculate the Kalman feedback control for the equivalent lumped-mass milling structure model. Transient responses of the system are obtained. Oscillation of the milling extension equipped with the active dynamic absorber is attenuated appreciably, therefore the surface finish of a workpiece is improved. Harmonic responses are also obtained with and without the feedback control to show the superiority of the active control technique. A proof-of-concept experiment is designed and conducted to verify the theoretical prediction. Comparisons between the simulation and experimental results are made.

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