The integrated design program CARES/LIFE calculates the fast-fracture and time-dependent reliability of monolithic ceramic components subjected to thermomechanical loading. A summary of the program capability is included in the paper. This program is an extension of the CARES (Ceramics Analysis and Reliability Evaluation of Structures) computer program. The results from finite element analysis are used to evaluate component reliability due to inherent surface and/or volume flaws. The two-parameter Weibull cumulative distribution function is used to characterize the variation in component strength. The fast-fracture strength of sintered alpha silicon carbide tested in three- and four-point bend was used to predict the failure strength distribution of ring-on-ring tests. The specimens were tested in the annealed conditions. CARES/LIFE predicted the biaxial failure accurately when the noncoplanar strain energy release rate criterion was applied. For time-dependent life prediction, dynamic fatigue ring-on-ring test data on soda-lime glass is used to demonstrate the fatigue parameter estimation capability of CARES/LIFE.

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