Computational procedures are described to simulate the thermal and mechanical behavior of high temperature metal matrix composites (HT-MMC) in the following three broad areas: (1) behavior of HT-MMC from micromechanics to laminate via Metal Matrix Composite Analyzer (METCAN), (2) tailoring of HT-MMC behavior for optimum specific performance via Metal Matrix Laminate Tailoring (MMLT), and (3) HT-MMC structural response for hot structural components via High Temperature Composite Analyzer (HITCAN). The complex composite material behavior, static/fatigue life, and failure sequence of SiC/Ti ring was simulated. The observed experimental degradation in strengths of the SiC/Ti composite with increasing temperature was accurately predicted. The static/fatigue life of the SiC/Ti ring starting with the fabrication process cool-down and subjected to simulated internal pressure was predicted in terms of cyclic-stress-to-static strength-ratio versus cycles to failure.

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