A method for derivation of relationships for general mechanical transmission systems is given. The method is adapted for computer aided analysis and synthesis of the kinematics, loads and power flows. Losses are included. All relationships are handled by a computer program. No manual formulation and elimination of equations are necessary. The user only needs to describe the transmission system:

1. The transmission units, e.g. gear transmissions, planetary gear trains, clutches, input and output shafts.

2. How the shafts of those units are connected.

Then, the computer program formulates and arranges the relationships. After that, a commercial program, “Maple”, performs the algebraic eliminations. Relationships between the speeds and/or torques of two arbitrary shafts can be derived, e.g. an algebraic relationship for the overall efficiency. Different power flows are possible in split-power transmissions. Special algorithms handle that. The method is a useful tool. It saves time and eliminates the risk for human errors.

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