The Double Circular-arc gear (W-N gear) transmission is well-known as the high contact strength, good wear resisting property and well distributed wears. As developing of its applications in recent years, the contact deformation of W-N gear become more important. In this paper, under basic assumption, the equations for calculating contact deformation of Double Circular-arc gear tooth were derived by using theory of elasticity of general contact problem between arbitrary elastic bodies in three dimensions. The equations were proved by industrial gear applications (one of the example: transmission power N = 3000KW, circumferential speed V = 120 m / s, load fact K = 188 N / cm2, the hardness of tooth surface Hv > 600, surface roughness of tooth Ra < 0.32μm). The relationship between contact deformation of Double Circular-arc gear and helical angle (β), ratio of tooth numbers (u) and central distance (c) was also discussed in this paper. The result of this study provides an inportant reference for tooth stiffness and tooth correction calculation of Double Circular-arc gears.

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