During manipulation of an object grasped at N locations by end-effectors of N robots, relaxation of assumption on invariant grasping locations of end-effectors Is too realistic. When coordinating end-effectors take infinitesimal displacements at the contact grasping locations with a rigid object, a slippage occurs which undesirably induces some redundancy in closed form kinematics/dynamics formulation of the entire robotic system. Particularly, in force/position control of multiple coordinating robot arms such an affect produces Inevitable impulsive reaction forces/moments which need to be compensated for in global control strategy of the system. In this paper, we have presented a control strategy with a Dynamic Redundancy Compensator (DRC) for cartesian space control of the coordinating multiple robots manipulating a common object. The proposed control scheme embeds dynamics of the individual coordinating robot arms and dynamically is capable to compensate for the kinematic/dynamic redundancies while preserving optimum forces/torques distribution between the end-effectors of robot arms. The results of study has been demonstrated on control of two robot arms manipulating a common object through prescribed coordinated motions.

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